Winterport Baptist Church
Two Groups:  1st-2nd and
3rd-5th      Come join the fun with kids your age learning at your level in your own way-music, lesson, snacks, and more
Pre- K thru K
This is a vibrant and active bunch with minds like sponges just soaking it all up.


 You can liken Jr. Church to the construction of a building.  Every building needs a strong and stable foundation built to true specs.  At Jr. Church the the children receive this type of foundation that is built on rock and not sand.  When the wind comes and the rain falls we want them to be strong and grounded and rooted in God's Word and not be swayed.  The Bible is made real to life and shown how it applies in their daily lives thru fun and interactive ways.  The children are not tomorrow's church they are part of the church already and we hope to instill a bright future in them by giving them and living out before them the proper tools. 

“Everyone who hears these words of mine and does them is like a wise man who built his house on rock.  The rain fell, the flood came, and the winds beat against that house, but it did not collapse because it had been founded on rock (Matt. 7:24-25.) 


  • Approx. time is 10:20-11:10


  • 1st grade and up Kids will experience big church from time to time to enjoy with their families!


  • Skits
  • Singing
  • Offering
  • Instrumentals
  • Object Lessons-given during opening events on occasion


  • We aim to get the kids involved in the service

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